Pub Crawl

It's become tradition that at least once a year the Snails organise something that brings both of our loves together...running and drinking. 

Each pub crawl takes in a different route and different pubs (we like to share the love) and this year we headed up to Warley, Mount Tabor, Wainstalls, Luddenden Foot and then back to Sowerby Bridge. At nearly 9 miles it was one of the longest pub crawls we've done but because of the stops, gentler pace and no worries about time it was definitely open to everyone. 

The pubs we visited this year were:
1: The Winterburn, Warley
2: The New Inn, Mount Tabour
3: The Crossroads, Wainstalls
4. Cat I' Th' Well, Wainstalls
5: The Lord Nelson, Luddenden Village
6: The Weavers, Luddendenfoot
7: Hollins, Sowerby Bridge

Drinks were had in each location making the last drag back to the Hollins a little dicey along the canal. Luckily (in some ways) the sun was shining so I'm pretty sure we sweated most of the alcohol out before we could do any damage. 

The summer pub crawl is always great - lets see what happens next winter...can we do one inside?