Club Championships 2019

2019 - Championship Races

2019 - Current Standings

Race Results

03/02/19 - Dewsbury 10k

25/03/19 - Windmill 6

07/04/19 - Overgate 10k

21/04/19 - Scammonden Sizzler

09/06/19 - Marsden 10 Mile Challenge

03/07/19 - Helen Windsor

07/07/19 - The Burner

04/08/19 - Firefighters 5

27/08/19 - Littleborough Lions 5k

15/09/19 - Shepley 10k

06/10/19 - West Coast Half Marathon

Our club championships

Our club championships are a great way to get involved in different races...and have a bit of healthy competition. The rules are below:

  1. The Club Championships season runs annually from January to December.

  2. The competition will consist of six mixed sex divisions.

  3. Runners will be assigned a division based on their ability at the start of each year and prior to the first Championship race of the season.

  4. Points are awarded for each event. First place in each division gets 30 points, second place gets 29 points etc.

  5. You must complete a minimum of six races over the year to qualify.

  6. Your top six scores will count towards your final score.

  7. You must enter all races as a Sowerby Bridge Snail.

  8. All Runners must compete under their own name. Points will not be awarded if this is not the case.

  9. Runners finishing on the same time in the same divison will both be given the lower score.

  10. You must complete your first race before the 7 July 2018 (The Burner) to take part.

Tie Break

If 2 or more competitors end the season on the same points then the positions will be decided by:

  1. Head to Head Victories

  2. Number of Maximum Point Hauls

  3. Total Points

  4. Coin Toss