We never leave a snail behind...

The Sowerby Bridge Snails were set up in 2016 to be a supportive and encouraging club for runners of all abilities. Since then we've become one of the biggest running clubs in the local area with our members achieving goals they never thought possible.

So, whether you're running 6 minute miles or 16 minute miles you'll find the group for you and yes, we never leave a snail behind. 

We have 5 different groups:

  • Steady steadies (14-16 minute miles)

  • Steadies (12-14 minute miles)

  • Medium steadies (10:30-12 minute miles)

  • Mediums (9:30 - 11 minute miles)

  • Medium fast (8-10 minute miles)

  • Turbos ( -8 minute miles)

If you're wanting to come down you'll find us at:

Walton Street                                                    Sowerby Bridge                                              HX6 1AN