Why I run - Terry Lamonby-Smith

When did you start running?

I used to cycle until my bike broke in December 2015, I still wanted to keep fit and lose a little bit of weight so I thought I’d run while my bike was being mended. I found it really tough to start off with but by January 2016 I was doing Huddersfield Parkrun, in March 2016 I entered my first 10k in Bradford and I even did Blackpool half marathon in April that year. It’s safe to say I’m definitely a ‘runner’ now.


Why do you run with the snails?

I’d run on my own for a long time so it’s been great to feel part of a community. You get great motivation from the snails too as long with friendships.


Why do you still run?

I enjoy running, and I if I don’t run regularly I start to not feel myself. It’s like a drug of sorts, where after a few days without it I’m bouncing off the walls.

Running makes me feel free, and quite often I end a run happier than when I set off. The best runs I’ve had are where I’ve been thinking about something from my past and I start to feel as though I’m there, I guess it’s the endorphins getting me through the particularly hard or long parts of a run.


Any pre-race routines?

For long runs I put vaseline all over my feet and nipples after learning what happened if I didn’t on the Blackpool Half Marathon (ouch). I also always have to wear a hat or a buff.


How do you carb-load?

Classic pasta and garlic bread, and occasionally a good spag bol.


Last question, what are you running goals?

My running goals alter over time. This year they’re to improve my 5k, 10k and half marathon times. I also want to run a trail race and a sub 4 hour marathon (London is the dream). I have managed to tick one of my running goals off already this year which was to join a running club :)