New Year, Championships and Birthdays


Well, we’re only two and a half weeks into the new year and we’ve already seen our fair share of excitement.

A lot of the Snails opened the new year by tackling a triple 5k whammy of Brighouse Parkrun, Huddersfield Parkrun and then the Barkisland ‘run 4 a laugh’ 5k. Whilst I only did two of the three thanks to a slight gin headache, I can certainly see that it was a great way to start the year.

Under two weeks later on  13 January, 59 snails descended again onto Brighouse Parkrun to take part in our first championship race of the year. The winners for each division were:

  • Division 1 - Sean ‘Buster’ Suttle

  • Division 2 - Ian Hesselden

  • Division 3 - Jennifer Nicholson

  • Division 4 - Brian Crowther

  • Division 5 - Pam McGhee

The club also saw many PBs despite the muddy park taking its toll. You can find all the results including who got PBs on our ‘club championships’ page.

If the championship points weren’t enough of a reason to get us out of our beds on a Saturday morning, we also celebrated Pam McGhee’s 60th Birthday. Personally I think it was just a way of trying to slow her down by tying balloons to her back but she still bagged herself a PB on the day. Happy Birthday Pam.